Craigslist criminals nabbed

A little bit ago a man lost everything when someone posted a fake Craigslist ad saying he was moving from his ranch in Jacksonville, Ore. and that everything he owned was up for grabs.? People could “come and just take it.”

Oddly, lots of people flocked to his property and began ransacking his belongings.? When the man returned home he came back surprised to see people looting his property.

At the time it seemed like a cruel joke.? Now, new details emerge as Oregon cops have caught the perpetrators of this crime.? The pair had allegedly stolen a saddle from the man and wanted to cover up the crime, but they used a traceable IP address to commit the fraud.


Brandon and Amber Herbert were nabbed last night for allegedly posting the March 22 Craigslist ad, which claimed that the Jacksonville ranch’s owner had to leave town so suddenly that his belongings–which included a horse–were available for the taking.

The Herberts, investigators charge, did this to cover up their prior theft of several saddles and other items from the garage of the rural southern Oregon house, which is owned by contractor Robert Salisbury. After learning of the Craigslist ad, Salisbury returned to his property to find about 30 people rummaging through his home and remaining belongings. After subpoenaing Craigslist records, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office investigators traced the online posting to the Herberts, according to the below probable cause affidavit. As a result, Brandon, 29, and Amber, 28, were both hit with burglary and computer crime charges.

Glad that some justice was afforded to Robert Salisbury.? Now if someone could organize a fundraiser to recover his lost items.

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