Flotsam and jetsam

Hey everyone.? Hope you’re weekend was good.? Things have been a little crazy around these parts.? We’ve started coverage of the Portland International Film Festival, which is cool, except seeing so many movies, a full-time job, etc. leaves us little time to actually do any writing.? So we’re going to apologize in advance over the next two weeks.

We’ve got reviews of In Bruges and Chicago 10 coming up, plus a ton of more movies over the next week and a half.? The short of it is that both are worth checking out.

Yesterday, was one of those days where you wake up, watch a movie in the morning (not one from PIFF but we’ve got a ton of backlog movies to write about as well), head downtown to catch a movie and instead get caught up in a Scientology protest with people wearing V for Vendetta masks, dressed up like old time bank robbers, etc.? Weird.? Then of course, you show up 30 minutes late for the movie.? Afterwards, you end up selling a table of Craigslist, only to have said buyer bring his pet bird, which proceeds to piss all over your arm.

Thankfully, the night was capped off by a stellar concert from Porter Batiste Stoltz, which if time willing, we’ll also have some photos and a review up shortly.? Great night of music to end a great day.

So bear (?) with us.? It’s time like these we wish we had another full time member of the Oyster family to help out or at the very least a fucking clone.


Also: RIP Roy Scheider.? The man and actor will be missed.? He seemed like the personification of dignity.

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