Fox News and their fake protest

There was a harmless anti-war protest Sunday afternoon in Denver.? The protesters named themselves Recreate 68, you know, except without all the violence and stuff.? So this time around they were marching around and Fox News sent in their most inept correspondent.? No one would grant him an interview, which means that the protesters are against freedom and specifically Freedom of Speech.

Then the protesters exercised their freedom of speech by chanting “F*ck Fox News!”? I wasn’t a twinkle in my parent’s eye back in 1968, but I sort of miss it already.? Anyway, I never understood why lefties would protest at the Democratic Convention.? Wouldn’t it make more sense to cause some mucky muck in St. Paul for the Republicans?? Can someone explain this to me?? Seriously, I’m perplexed why the Green Party, and anti-war people would protest the Democrats. [Politico via Gawker]

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