Gimme More Money and I Promise This Time I Won’t Use it to Pay Off Debt

Nancy Pelosi

Buzz is we’re headed toward another economic stimulus check, perhaps as early as September 2008.? This is the work of Democrats, and, if I’m 100% right 100% of the time, will happen.

See, it’s election season, and we teeter of the precipice of a hardcore recession.? If the Democrats slide this through the cogs and Republicans reject it, guess who looks like insensitive dicks.

Republicans, of course, are wary of this tactic.? They’re also seemingly onboard with the proposal.

We friggin’ need it, folks.? The last stimulus check did nothing?nothing! I paid off a bit of a credit card and that’s it.? What I really wanted was an iPhone, or something awesome I could flash around and say, “Guess what George W. Bush bought me?? This!”

So if this next stimulus check goes through, I promise to invigorate the economy with it.? But for those with cars, is this even possible?? Won’t this additional $600 goes to paying off the credit cards you bogged down with gasoline debt?

No matter how these dice are rolled, no one worth a damn would ever reject “free” money.

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