Gore goes to bat for Obama

Update: This is the best I could find. I was hoping to find the entire speech, but it’s possible it was nothing more than “I’m Al Gore, you might remember me from the election in 2000 or my Nobel Peace Prize or my Oscar or my general pimpness. I want you to vote for Sen. Obama” In which case … that’s be just like Mr. Gore to be boring.

Nice to see Al Gore climb out of his cave and hike up his boots for Obama. Though we’re guessing if Sen. Clinton won the nomination he would have endorsed her as well. Seems a bit, I don’t know. Cowardly isn’t the word and maybe his reluctance to get involved until the general election was intentional.

Either way Al Gore has endorsed Sen. Obama in a speech in Detroit, Mich. So now that’s two major endorsements that have taken place in Michigan. Anyone wonder if this will be a heavily contested state? It’s obvious that Sen. Obama is pushing hard there.

We’ll update once we get some video.

Press release after the jump.

Dear Friend,

A few hours from now I will step on stage in Detroit, Michigan to announce my support for Senator Barack Obama. From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected President of the United States.

Over the next four years, we are going to face many difficult challenges — including bringing our troops home from Iraq, fixing our economy, and solving the climate crisis. Barack Obama is clearly the candidate best able to solve these problems and bring change to America.

This moment and this election are too important to let pass without taking action.

That’s why I am asking you to join me in showing your support by making a contribution to this campaign today:


Over the past 18 months, Barack Obama has united a movement. He knows change does not come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or Capitol Hill. It begins when people stand up and take action.

With the help of millions of supporters like you, Barack Obama will bring the change we so desperately need in order to solve our country’s most pressing problems.

If you’ve already contributed to this campaign, I ask that you consider making another contribution right now. If you haven’t, please take the next step and own a piece of this campaign today:


On the issues that matter most, Barack Obama is clearly the right choice to lead our nation.

We have a lot of work to do in the next few months to elect Barack Obama president, and it begins by making a contribution to this campaign today.

Thank you for joining me,

Al Gore

So yeah, donate your money or time, but mostly your money.

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