Happy Canada Day!

If I were a planner, I woulda had a collection of tunes from awesome Canadian bands to celebrate our friendly northern neighbors birthday today.? As such we’d just like to say that Canada is pretty awesome, so here’s a virtual high five from us to you in honor of Canada Day.

Raise your glasses to cheer the country that gave us hockey, eh?? And some great comedians like John Candy and the actor known as Michael J. Fox.? How aboot that Niagara Falls and Dudley Do-Right and all those Mounties?? Tim Horton’s – better than Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts combined?

If you’ve got something you love from Canada let us know in the comments below.

Even the Shatner is proud to be Canadian.? So on this day, we should all be Canadian.? I am Canadian!

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