Happy Independence Day

It’s that day to break out the grill and crack open cheap macro-brewed domestic beers, preferably in an aluminum can, watch baseball and light fireworks.? Today America is 232 years old.? Just a little baby compared to Asia and Europe.

Cheer up America, though we have rising gas prices, probably in a recession, jobs are getting cut, we’re fighting two wars and probably a third in Iran, corporations have taken over every aspect of our life, public education isn’t a priority nor is universal health coverage for citizens, sports teams are getting stolen from their cities and athletes are cheating and not to mention an energy crisis – things aren’t so bad.

Why?? Because we can vote and despite all of that our country is stable.? Sounds stupid.? But when things are going bad we can alter the path we’re on by simply voicing our opinion on both a local and national level. ?? Whether you want to see Obama or McCain in the White House, today is a day to remember and celebrate what it is that makes this country great.

Rock’n’roll, apple pie, baseball (except for the steroids), running water, The Declaration of Independence, paved roads, The Constitution, iPods, microbrewed beers, Marvel and DC comics and so forth.? Let us know what it is about this country you love or think we can be doing better, even if it’s trivial.

M4a: moe. – “Captain America”

Photo: Paul Armstrong.

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