Headline Hall of Fame

Why isn’t there video of this?? C’mon people with cellphone cameras and Flip Video Recorders?? When P. Diddy goes bowling does he drink PBRs like everyone else in Wisconsin or does he drink Crystal?

How about those speaches last night though?? Shit, Hillary was good and Mark Warner was okay as the keynote and Brian Schweitzer brought a certain yee-haw rowdiness to the Democratic party (god he sounds exactly like a happy Lewis Black).? Though the best zingers of the night belonged to Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA) and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

Casey, and I’m paraphrasing here, said “McCain calls himself a maverick but he’s voted with President Bush over 95% of the time.? That’s not a maverick, that’s a sidekick.”

And Strickland, who seemed nervous and not a polished speaker, stumbled through his speech only to deliver this bon mot: “It was said the first President Bush was born on third base and he thought hit a triple.? Well after the prosperity of the Clinton administration, the second President Bush started his presidency on third base and ended up stealing second.”

What’s funny is you can tell which Democrat Governors come from predominantly Republican states in the way they speak.? Strickland spoke using baseball metaphors, which while seeming hokey certainly resonated not only with me, a baseball nutso, but I’m also guessing a large portion of people.? Yeah Obama’s a great orator, but he comes off as unrelatable (don’t shoot me!) at times.? You would never hear him use a good zinger to deliver a point or baseball metaphors while speaking.

I’m curious what Bill Clinton and Joe Biden do tonight, but from the speeches last night it’s clear there are three themes that are getting lobbed to Obama for the alley oop: we can’t afford four more years of the same policies, challenging the American people to rise up and meet the problems of the country and McCain is not a maverick.

But seriously, Pete Wentz and P. Diddy are bowling partners.? What do you think their bowling team name is?

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