Holy crap are we really back

Yes we are.? It’s been a long few weeks.? The short end of it is that I woke on September 24 and couldn’t log into the website.? I requested help from my hosting company to help figure out what was going on, since a few days prior they were having company wide server issues.? And that’s when I realized that the Midphase support team was about as useless as Andre Miginot’s military advice (And yes, Andre Miginot’s Military Advice would be the name of my non-existent punk rock band).

I sent them two emails right off the bat and each time they promptly replied that it was fixed.? It wasn’t.? So then I called and they said it’s a priority but it wasn’t because I had to call a few more times.? Finally, a week had gone by and they told me by end of day Friday, which came and went to my chagrin.? Then they told oh we have a technician on it, definitely by Sunday night everything will be fine.? Oh okay great.

By Monday morning (yesterday a full week and a half after the incident happened) when the problem was still not fixed I decided that I would fix it myself.? So on the one hand I’m glad I fixed it, which took about 20 minutes of solid googling at work and then another 45 minutes of execution last night.? Am I awesome?? You doggone betcha I am!? *wink*

I’m glad I fixed the problem, but the solution was so easy I wish I had went ahead and did this two weeks ago.? In that sense I am like the Maginot Line?? That metaphor probably doesn’t hold up too well, but you get the point.? I feel as though the French must have when Germany marched beneath the Arc de Triumphe on the eve of establishing Vichy.

Seems like over the past two weeks, give or take, so much awesomeness has occurred with Phish getting back together, the VP debate and subsequent SNL sketch, we had planned in the works huge reviews of two movies events we were invited to attend: the first is a documentary about local food production called Tableland from director Craig Noble (interview forthcoming) and the second was for a screening of Red Heroine, which is the oldest surviving martial arts print in existence.? The film dates back to 1929.? It was awesome and strange and a bit funny at the same time. What’s not depressing is that No Depression, once a favorite physical music magazine that went belly up, has returned in an online format.? That’s exciting.? Show them some love.

Odd, that those are the only things I can think that happened over the last two weeks.? So maybe not so much actually happened, though I did catch up on some television (Sons of Anarchy is definitely worth catching and? perhaps the one new show this television season I find myself gravitating towards.? Fringe is okay, but I have my qualms with it preventing me from loving it.? Anyone have suggestions for stuff worth catching?) and watched the Sox take it to the Anaheim Angels once again.? It’s becoming a yearly ritual.

Jon Lester is the new Lance Armstrong. Or Mario Lemiuex, or I guess he’s just a good pitcher that has become a better pitcher after beating Cancer.? Which makes him a Dude, in the true Lebowski sense of the word.? And yes, if someone were to call Manny Ramirez a clubhouse Lester, I would laugh and say kudos.? That’s brilliant.? I can’t remember where I heard that saying, so speak up if it was one of you.? God, that’s going to drive me crazy all day until I figure out where I heard that.

One thing about the site is that we have changed the commenting system.? We have installed Disqus, to make things slightly nicer.? You’ll be able to leave comments just the same or you can login, create a profile, blah blah blah.? Test it out, give it a run and let us know what you think, you know if it’s worth keeping around.? We might have one more change that we had been planning on, but we might save that for our next big site overhaul design.? Which is coming in the not too distant future.

So that’s us.? Happy to be back.? Frustrated it took so long.? Angry and bitter with our hosting company.? Kicking ourselves for not fixing the problem ourself two weeks ago.? Hopeful you’ll all come back now and welcome us with open arms.? Leaving ya’ll wasn’t by choice.

Probably going to do one more test post today as I collectively get my shit together, like my homey DOC, before jumping back in tomorrow.

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