Looks like fun doesn’t it?

Kayakers are sliding down a 300ft drop at the spillway of Llyn Brianne reservoir in Carmarthenshire, Wales and the authorities are none too pleased.

“A statement from Welsh Water, the owner of the site, said it ‘strictly forbids’ water-based activities at the reservoir and would take ‘appropriate action’ against anyone in breach of this restriction.

“‘Reservoirs can be dangerous for various reasons and those involved in water sports in inappropriate locations, such as at Llyn Brianne, put themselves and others at unnecessary risk,’ said a spokesman.”

The reservoir is 272 ft. deep, holds 13 billion gallons of water and supplies most of the clean drinking water for South Wales.  Whether it’s dangerous or not, it sure looks fun.  I mean, I would love to bomb down that hill in a tube or some sorts.  The BBC has video of course, though it’s hard to tell just how steep that hill is.

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