McCain has missed the most votes in the Senate

So a Senator who doesn’t show up to do his job is someone we want running the country for the next four years?? I suppose this is one reason amongst many to not vote for John McCain.? Then again, it’s sad when we live in a time when we can come up with more reasons to not vote for a politician then we can reasons to vote for them.

It has to be said that Barack Obama missed the third most votes in the Senate.? The guy who came in second?? That would be South Dakota Democrat Tim Johnson, who didn’t work for a year after suffering a brain hemorrhage in 2006.

I know that both McCain and Obama have to be out campaigning and whatnot.? But is it really difficult to fly back to Washington for a night or two, vote and then get back on the campaign trail?? Representative democracy only works if our representatives are actually voting.


It’s easier to avoid getting attacked on an issue if you didn’t actually vote on it. That way, you can tailor your position in a way that might be more politically acceptable than the actual bill was. Because of this, Obama will probably continue to miss fewer votes than McCain — Democrats control the Senate’s agenda and can protect Obama from having to vote on potentially controversial legislation.

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