Miami goes murder free for October

“October turned out to be a milestone month for the City of Miami. For the first time in more than 40 years, there were no murders in the city’s limit for an entire month. The last time the city experienced no homicides for an entire month was in 1966. “I’m 45 and born in Miami, so that’s big news to me,” said Peter Fullerton. As a husband and father, he’s very encouraged by the milestone.”

Somewhere Gloria Estefan is wiping a tear away from her cheek.  On another note – is it weird that when I tried to come up with a celebrity loosely associated with the City of Miami the only two i could come up with is Will Smith and Estefan and that I choose Estefan?

Delayed reaction.  After inserting the photo I just screamed out Don Johnson!  Mentally, this is where I’m at.  Thought you should know.  It took me a good 20 minutes to realize Don Johnson is the punchline.

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