New political videos

Not sure how old these are.? It’s possible these have already surfaced over the weekend, etc.? But the McCain video is hillarious and the Obama video is okay.? But still.? I love that this is political discourse for some people.? Also, Sen. Clinton is in deep shit after constantly lying about a 1996 trip to Tuzla, Bosnia and worse she won’t cop to lying about it.? At least she learned something from Bill.

Though I do agree with John Marshall’s assessment on the matter:

“I think the real story here though is the big picture. People have faulty memories. Things get dramatized in people’s recollections. . . As I noted a few weeks back, I don’t think you need to be a veteran or someone who’s done foreign policy work in the executive branch. Bill Clinton didn’t have any. I think both Clinton and Obama are perfectly capable of being good presidents and able commanders-in-chief — certainly they’d pursue wiser polices than John McCain. But in trying to push this argument that she and John McCain stand on one side of the foreign policy divide (aka, Commander-in-Chief threshold) and Obama on the other she’s had to make a series of arguments that are just plain silly.”

It’s Raining McCain

Twisted Sister for Obama

And HRC expose by CBS

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