Willamette Week, Portland’s alt-weekly that elevates the genre from your usual rag to something a bit more respectful made their endorsement.  It was a real schiavo for the hometown paper to endorse Obama/Biden, but they did it with such elan.  The article itself wasn’t all that illuminating, except for the cover poster created by Barry Stock, a 1000 word picture if there ever has been one.

It says it all.  (Even more so than the ignorant supporters turning up at Palin’s rallies.)  Perfect, succinct, clear, simple and expressive.  Nope. No thanks, come again at some other time.  We don’t want you, we don’t need you, we think you’re pretty useless.  Maybe nope will become the new FAIL, which has already worn its course.

You’ve done the city proud Willamette Week and for that we salute you.

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