North American Anglicans separate

This news is old, about three days old, but the writing on the wall has been there for several years.  Traditionalist Anglicans are setting up a new church in America and Canada.

The American Church’s liberal stance on homosexuality has led some traditionalists, including some whole dioceses, to leave the Church.

They have instead formed a range of new alliances, often with Churches in Africa.

The move will reduce the rolls of the US Episcopal Church, which has 2.1 million members, and the Anglican Church of Canada, which has 640,000 members.

The status of church property in the four breakaway dioceses – Fort Worth in Texas, Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Quincy in Illinois and San Joaquin in California – will have to renegotiated.

“We are a body that is growing, that is planting new congregations, that is concerned to be an authentic Christian presence in the US and Canada,” said Bishop Robert Duncan, of the Pittsburgh congregation.

Doubts remain as to whether or how it will be recognised by the wider Anglican Communion, says the BBC’s Religious Affairs correspondent Christopher Landau. This rift all began when an Episcopal Church in New Hampshire confirmed the first openly gay bishop.  The Episcopal Church is the American branch of the Anglican Church.

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