Oh it’s so on

Remember when those girls from Gloucester, Mass. all got knocked up and decided to raise their babies together and everyone freaked out because it was some kind of club, but then it turned out that that wasn’t the case and it was totally random that like 17 girls got pregnant and everyone was like “schnap you fooled us!” And then everyone stopped paying attention because the story wasn’t so interesting anymore.

Good times.

Well, every year there is this thing called “The Horribles Parade” held on Beverly Farms, wherein people are shamed and made fun of all in the spirit of Independence Day.

And this year guess who got mocked? Yuppers. If you said those 17 pregnant sophomores you win! Not surprisingly everyone was sorta upset.?

“To say, ‘Oh here is Gloucester,’ and to have a bunch of pregnant girls on a float — that is immature,” said Melissa Strangman, of Gloucester.

Immature yes, but you also forgot freaking hilarious and awesome. I woulda have gone with those two descriptors. Much of the jokesters float was too controversial to show on the television news.

“I spoke to many families who are outraged. There were condoms being thrown around. There were young girls under 17 or 18 dancing around with their tummy sticking out and their rear ends hanging out. Lots of flesh here and there, and people were very upset,” said Susanne MacDonald, of Beverly Farms.

Gloucester officials were hoping for some sort of apology and officials in Beverly told them to suck it. Not literally of course, that would just be pouring salty lemon into the wound.

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  • Scotty D. July 9, 2008, 2:43 pm