Re-thinking the candidates

Newsweek has an interesting article (7.19) written by Fareed Zakaria, in which the author claims that Obama is the conservative foreign-policy candidate in this election and John McCain is the idealist.? It’s an interesting take on the usual assumptions about the two. “In the end, the difference between Obama and McCain might come down to something beyond ideology?temperament. McCain is a pessimist about the world, seeing it as a dark, dangerous place where, without the constant and vigorous application of American force, evil will triumph. Obama sees a world that is in many ways going our way. As nations develop, they become more modern and enmeshed in the international economic and political system. To him, countries like Iran and North Korea are holdouts against the tide of history. America’s job is to push these progressive forces forward, using soft power more than hard, and to try to get the world’s major powers to solve the world’s major problems.”

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