Scarf-wearing robber goes all samurai

Someday I’d like to start a column here that’s called “Real or The Onion” which would be nothing more than posting a stupid real news story or something from the Onion and have some fun in the process.

To wit:

Police are hunting a robber dressed in an Arab headdress who brandished a Samurai sword at a shopkeeper in Preston.

The man, who has been described as white, burst into the Mini Mart on Avenham Lane at 4.10pm on August 10 and demanded cash from the till.

The man, who wore a Keffiyah type Arab headdress concealing his identity, pulled a 12 inch Samurai from his tracksuit bottoms and pointed it at the shopkeeper’s face.

The shopkeeper, a 44-year-old man from Pakistan, placed hundreds of pounds of notes on the counter which the robber stole and walked out of the shop down Frenchwood Street.

One customer who had spotted the man stood outside witnessed the incident.

Det Insp Lee Halstead, investigating the incident, said: “He pulled out a 10 to 12 inch bladed sword, like a small Samurai sword.

“He asked the shopkeeper to empty the till, snatched the money and ran off.

“The man who owns the shop was really badly shaken. He had just recently bought it and was asking: ‘Does this always happen?'”

The man is described as white late 20s 6ft slim build with short scruffy brown hair.

He was wearing dark hooded top, and a white cotton scarf with triangular black patterns.

Obviously this one was real.

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