Strawberry Jam is more regulated than cigarettes

I love strawberry jam, either on toast and vanilla ice cream or listening to Animal Collective.? Still, there is nothing that bests the taste of fresh strawberry jam.? I’ve got a freezer full of it right now to last me through the winter.? Spending $30 to pick strawberries this summer and then turn it into jam is an excellent investment.

According to Science Daily, strawberry jam is more heavily regulated than cigarettes due largely to the US government’s strict requirements and stringent tests of consumer products.? Crazy.? The article goes on to argue that because tobacco kills more people each year and proposes a higher risk to people it should be regulated as strictly as strawberry jam.

“The establishment of regulation is a political process and occurs slowly. However, with the gradual but prolonged and massive epidemic of tobacco-related diseases, regulation of the industry?s products ? specifically the constituents of tobacco smoke ? has to begin now?, says author Dr. Nigel Gray, member of the World Health Organization?s (WHO) Tobacco Regulation Study Group.? Which, I’m sure it won’t.

For whatever reason most industries hate regulation.? They see it as meddling.? Whether it’s the auto makers who resisted raising CAFE standards, most industries should do a better job of policing themselves.? You think the companies in Detroit are wishing they made more gas efficient cars beginning five years ago now?? Regardless, cigarette companies should heed the advice and begin regulating their products now.

I say this, not as some liberal who is overstepping their boundaries, but as someone who sees the governments jihad against tobacco and the writing on the wall.? Look, if the government had it’s way cigarettes would all but disappear.? The best way to stave off being eliminated as a business is to make a safer, better product (however safe you can with cigarettes).

Look at the writing on the wall and adapt.

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