The crumbling shards of the newspaper industry

You know your industry is in trouble when reporters are engaging in civil disobedience against the company that employs them.? But such is life at the Sam Zell-owned LA Times.? Security was able to remove the three-story high banner immediately, but not before someone got a photo of it.

“It’s big. It’s bold. It’s a first step toward prying the LA Times out of the tight, greedy fingers of billionaire Sam Zell,” according to the website TellZell which, along with LAObserved, has been chronicling the newspaper’s slow and painful demise.

Real estate mogul Sam Zell?so far has laid off or fired over 200 reporters, photographers, copy editors and editors. Few of the cuts have affected the?TV and movie departments — yet.? Still, it’s had a noticeable affect on the quality of the paper and obviously has affected the employees on a personal level.

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