The kids are alright or are they?

The end of term for some 70 students at Queen Elizabeth School in Kirby Lonsdale, Cumbria turned into a drunken orgy,? with several of them engaging in “unprotected sex in a village square” according the The Telegraph.? I would say this is funny or even judge, but it’s more scary than anything else.

Alison Hughes, the deputy head of the Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, was so concerned that she detailed the “catalogue of disasters” in a two-page letter to parents, warning them about the sexual activity, violent behaviour and alleged drug abuse that took place.

She wrote: “We have had to help a disturbingly high number of girls through the aftermath of having unprotected sex that evening, most of whom have told us they were too drunk to be in control of themselves. The risks are real. Assume the worst.”

In the letter, sent out at the end of term on Thursday, Mrs Hughes said that around 70 pupils from the school had attended the event, along with a large number of gatecrashers. She added that the school was dismayed to discover that many of the pupils had been taken to the party by parents who “must have known” their children were carrying alcohol.

Mrs Hughes added: “A lot of the children who came to us needed sexual health care. These are children we have to protect. Thankfully there is a great deal of trust between ourselves and the children so they felt they could talk to us.”

Witnesses said that around 200 youths gathered in and around the village hall in Wray, Lancashire, which is a few miles from the school. The event, to celebrate the end of Year 11, had been organised by pupils, although the village hall committee had understood that an adult had taken responsibility for the booking.

Alan Day, the village hall chairman, said: “All hell let loose at this event. The children were drunk to the eyeballs. They were having sex in the village square standing up.”

Luckily the school was allowed to help the girls get emergency contraception the next day.? But year 11 would be high school juniors.? Scary indeed. (via: BB)

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  • jo May 9, 2008, 8:36 am

    I go to that school… the whole thing was blown way out of proportion… it makes us sound like we are the first generation to have done such a thing.. not that i went to the party… and for information there is no village square in wray… from knowing what happened and to hearing it i can see just how the media interprets and spreads things in a twisted mannor. im glad its starting to die down now.

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