The New Obama Lapel Pin

NY Times reporter Steve Heller asked various designers to rethink Sen. Barack Obama’s flag lapel pin, since he’s now wearing one after he realized that idiot hicks really do think a lapel pin is tied into a person’s patriotism.

It isn’t of course.? But politics is as much about symbolism and knee-jerk reactions and being slippery enough to not get caught and ultimately to convince other people that you represent their hopes and dreams and the safety of their children and Obama does all of this better than most.? In many ways, Obama has become a symbol himself, ceasing to be an actual person.

Much of that is his own doing, but a lot of that is the doing of his passionate supporters and that Shep Fairey “Obama Hope” poster that is itself like propaganda.

So if people think a politician’s patriotism is inversely proportionate to the pin they wear, then what would be an appropriate pin for Obama?

Heller got a slurry of opinions, some good, some bad, some comically outlandish. The one we liked best came from Tamara Shopshin, who created an Abe Lincoln pin seen above.

?The flag pin has for the time lost its meaning because it has become part of a politician?s uniform,? she says. For her, Lincoln represents America at its best.

Other ideas suggested included wearing many pins, a la Jennifer Aniston in Office Space so Obama could show his “flare” for America; ripping off the lapels of his jacket so he doesn’t have to wear a pin; creating a series of Obama pins that would become the new American Flag pin; and, one even suggested created a scary Bald Eagle necklace so it would look like the bird was flying out of Obama’s chest. [via]

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