The Problem with Photoless Journalism

We need more nakedity

Going through today’s Boston Globe, I was disappointed in the rag’s lack of photographs.? Granted, their new blog, The Big Picture, is probably the best collection of awe-inspiring photographs to be found on the Internet, but still: we’re missing something.


Namely, more naked hot people.

In an article about Channel 7 sports reporter Julie Donaldson, who claims her boyfriend punched her in the face, I was struck by the lack of boyfriend photograph.? Ms. Donaldson is what straight people would call “hot.”? Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to assume her boyfriend, too, was hot.? So where’s his picture?? Why aren’t I gawking at his hotness whilst simultaneously decrying his abusive acts?

Then came the article about a naked camp employee (which immediately made me think of Camp Crystal Lake, ’cause I’m a nerd) who supposedly hallucinated and attacked a police officer.? If the Friday the 13th movies taught me anything, they taught me that at least 60% of half-naked or completely-naked camp counselors are hot.? So why aren’t we seeing them?

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  • Condoms November 24, 2008, 3:45 pm

    A picture says a thousand words. But a picture only gives one pageview, whereas they can splice up those thousand words into 4-5 pageviews minimum. More ad revenue, baby!