Verizon denies man DSL service because of his last name

I like to joke about being a Furbush, it is a humorous last name, but one I’m proud of.? A name is your identity in many ways.? It’s caused me some grief, but at least I’m not Herman Libshitz.? The retired radiologist was denied DSL internet service from Verizon because, get this, his last name contains a swear word in it.

For real.? When you grow up with an even slightly amusing last name it hardens you, toughens your skin.? Verizon learned the hard way.? And it’s not like Libshitz is even that bad of a last name.? It’s actually kind of cool.

Dr. Libshitz wasn’t allowed to upgrade his internet online, because the online form repeatedly denied him access because his last name contained the word shit.? So he called Verizon and asked to speak to a supervisor.

What was Verizon’s respone?? Spell your name wrong buddy.? Seriously?? They told him to spell his name differently.? He went through several different supervisors, who all promised to help him out, and then finally told him no dice, doesn’t comply with company rules.

I should say here, that my sister works for Verizon and if she didn’t just have her second daughter last week (big ups for Aurore Bethany Bashford!!) I would demand that she defends her employer in the comments.? But we’ll let is slide seeing as how he daughters are too cute for school and I can’t wait to get home at Christmas and spoil them rotten.

Back to Lipshitz.? “These people have no trouble putting me in their phone book. They send me mail with that name, they send me a bill routinely, and they cash my checks with Libshitz on it. They just offended me,” he told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Thankfully, the Philly Inquirer intervened and Verizon relented and Dr. Lipshitz got his DSL.? I do sorta wish his last name was Lipshitz or Dipshitz, that would be aces.

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