Vote or die

Or possibly laugh, we’re not so sure we’re down with P. Diddy’s attempts to get the young folks to vote. But where P. Diddy has failed maybe some non-John Stewart non-Stevie Colbert laughter can get people to turn out in what may be the most important election of our lives (yeah yeah hyperbole aside, we say this every four years but seriously doesn’t it seem like every recent election is important?).

Politics Schmolitics is a collab between Jib-Jab, National Lampoon, Barely Political, and Declare Yourself to provide some light-hearted voting information. Okay, so there’s not so much information but there are a few laughs. Plus, they got McLovin!

Can’t help but feel like they missed some jokes at the end and where was Rachel Harris’s glasses? That was the sexiest thing about her.

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