Wax Hitler Gets What’s Comin’ To Him

Just as Germany was starting to get cool with the whole Nazi thing, Madame Tussauds of Berlin had to go and set up a wax figure of Adolph Hitler.

The statue, showing Mr. Hip Mustache standing gloomily in his bunker, hand on a map of Europe, bulging hard-on on his trousers, incited quite a stink.

Minutes after the exhibit opened, a 41-year-old German man strode in, pushed past security guards, and tore Hitler’s head off.? When police arrived, this unnamed vigilante of moral cleanliness did not resist arrest.

Madame Tussauds kind of expected this type of behavior.? They posted signs saying, “Do not feed the Hitler; he’ll get accustomed to human food and want to chomp your babies.”? They also installed security cameras so roughians wouldn’t get all … well, rough with this monstrosity, four months in the making.

Alas, all the signs and video cameras in the world couldn’t stop someone from tearing Hitler’s head off, and for that, I applaud.

Everybody except Madame Tussauds thought the exhibit was tasteless and insulting.? For a joint run on tourist dollars, they should’ve listened a bit closer to the rising tide of anger amongst their clientele.? Isn’t that how businesses are supposed to be run?

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