Who’s your favorite teacher and why?

I asked this question tangentially in another post, but now I’m asking any regular readers to take a second and share any stories about their favorite teacher. Go ahead, it’s cathartic.  I have a few, but the one I always come back to – the one that stands head and shoulders above all others – is Karen Harris. 12th Grade English. Kudos bar to you Ms. Harris.

I think it’s because she opened up a world I never new existed in literature, music, art, compassion, humanity. Up until that point it was sports, sports, sports and heavy metal and after her there was this entire set of interests in life and culture I never knew I had or wanted. And she showed me that.  She will always be analogous to the Renaissance.

So have at it if you will. I’ve been very much thinking about education and teachers of late and how good ones make all the difference in the world.

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