Yay! Earth Day! Let’s go pollute a river or something


Earth Day is one of those holidays that seems so fucking bogus. Yeah, we get a lot of story’s about Green musicians (no surprise Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Radiohead made the list since they shoove their “greenness” down our throats), that’s a PDF link by the way, Sting playing a benefit concert to save the rainforests (how 1984 of you Gordon Sumner), Al Gore possibly making a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, or how Los Angeles shut down a city street to throw a party for being the smoggiest city in the US. Yay for us!
Anyway, I’m all for conservation of open land and trying to repair the damage done to the Earth, but instead of patting ourselves on the backs with mock celebratory zeal, why not actual force citizens to make a sacrifice one day of the year to prove a point. Or better yet, why not come up with some serious solutions to some of the serious problems facing our planet, instead of giving Jack Johnson a lazy surfer dude hi-five for building a green recording studio.

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