A Conversation with Mr. Dutu

An odd conversation with an internet Phishing scammer.


It gets better when the CEO for the anti-phishing software goes back to have another conversation with the scammer.  It’s quite brilliant on both ends.

[3:56:08 PM] Mike Nash says: Any luck yet ?
[3:56:48 PM] Mr. Robert Dutu says: just 1
[3:56:54 PM] Mr. Robert Dutu says: for over three hours
[3:57:07 PM] Mike Nash says: 🙁 Business getting slow for you?
[3:57:13 PM] Mike Nash says: May I ask, how much you make doing this ?
[3:57:47 PM] Mr. Robert Dutu says: be my victim and you will get to know how much i can make from you
[3:58:05 PM] Mike Nash says: (rofl) Very good 🙂
[3:58:10 PM] Mike Nash says: You’re a funny guy
[3:58:20 PM] Mr. Robert Dutu says: thanks (handshake)

I ended up chatting with him for about an hour – and I have to say, he was a funny guy. A criminal, sure – but he claimed he was from Ghana, and had been doing this for only three months. He even tried to get some money out of me – but despite how amusing the guy was, he’s still a criminal, and relies on trickery and social engineering to get what he wants – which is cash.

[Clusterflock via WAXY]

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