A few Journalism Things

Regret The Error’s corrections of the year is up and  if you read the Internet at all during the last week or so, you can probably make the educated guess that it has to do with Public Enemy, 9-11, and the Washington Post. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy here, in that Jay Leno headlines kind of way. 

They’ve become a media staple within the past three years or so, evolving from personal diaries, to content aggregation, to legitimate journalism publishing empires.  We often take that for granted and many of our favorite blogs are still small sites that remain perosonal passion projects.  Bygone Bureau asks: what was your favorite new blog of 2009? 

The best part of finding out what other bloggers favorite new blogs are is the discovery of a site, world, universe, that you never new existed.  It amazes me when you stumble into the world of another site and your first thought is, “how did I never know this site existed until today?” 

At the top of my list is Mandy Brown’s A Working Library and design blog Curved White.

And finally, Foreign Policy’s The Top Ten Stories You Missed is often interesting as an exercise for journalism’s negative space — the stories that weren’t covered. Here’s this year’s installment.

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