A moment of silence

Had more site problems last night and the only thing I could do was reinstall the most recent back up copy of the database.  Which unfortunately, was from Dec. 18.  So I just lost essentially a month and a half of posts.  I guess it’s time to start regularly backup the database if I’m going to continue to have problems or think I will anyways.

This is so lame.  Sometimes I hate myself.  Over the weekend I’ll try to republish some of the lost posts, well probably the ones that were linked to anyways, etc.  So amatuerish.

update: in the process of adding the lost posts and it’s getting very tedious.  I might just be picking and choosing certain ones, a “best of” if you will, to repost.  There’s a lot that isn’t necessary at this point.

update #2: Took about 2.5 hours to reload 35 or so posts.  Looking at the total amount lost for January (average of 5 per day) and I could be here all night and tomorrow uploading.  So now I’m definitely picking and choosing, especially posts that were linked to, received comments or had higher traffic.  Expect lots of posts with music videos and movie trailers to be gone.  It’s worth my time and yet it isn’t in many ways.

update #3: At this point I’ve lost interest in reupping ever post from January.  I’m going to handpick a few and have that be that.  I’ve got most of the ones I want back up, but at this point, there is no sense looking back.  I should be looking forward and plug away.

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