A Real Survivor Man

article-0-07747E85000005DC-63_634x420There are those guys on television and then there is 33-year-old Ed Strafford, who is 612 days into a cross-Amazon excursion.  By foot.  With no money. And few provisions to make his life easier. As in piranhas, poisonous snakes, jaguars, monkeys, etc. “In my time with him I was nearly swept away by a raging river, caught an all-over rash that made me look as though I’d been grilled, had one pair of shoes disintegrate on my feet, narrowly avoided being bitten by a snake, even more narrowly avoided sitting on a Poison Dart Frog, got lost, was accused by suspicious locals of trying to steal children’s eyes and, oh yes, was taken hostage by 20 shotgunwielding villagers.”

Why would he do this?  For the challenge.  Ed’s story is longer than it has to be, but an interesting look at what people will do to satisfy that burning hunger of unrest in the soul.

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