Airlines ratcheting up their fees

090922-airlinecosts_h2Shocking! “Hamstrung by high fuel prices, reduced customer demand and, most recently, the effect of swine flu on travel patterns, most major airlines are now charging passengers for services once considered part of the ticket price. In addition to meals, snacks and checked bags, depending on the airline customers might be charged for selecting a seat, booking a flight by phone, watching a movie or using a pillow, blanket or headset.” 

The demand for flying isn’t there, because, let’s face it, flying is aggravating and a hassel.  Companies have reduced something that was once a joyous marvel into essentially the equivalent of drunken wingman sex  — utterly repulsive, totally forgettable, a relucatant necessity.  No one wants to fly, but we have to otherwise friends, family and co-workers will be disappointed.  

“Do you not want these services, do you want to pay for them or do you want higher ticket prices? These are your choices,” Richard Aboulafia, a vice president with the aerospace and defense analysis firm Teal Group, told MSNBC.  Really?  Those are the only choices. 

Maybe the airlines need to figure out a better business model and go from there, instead of just tacking on stupid, unnecessary fees to squeeze every ounce of profit from consumers.

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