Amazon announces huge Kindle

hero-top-right-05__v244132736_As rumored, Amazon announced a larger Kindle this morning.

The Kindle DX has a 9.7-inch screen, a bigger hard drive (holds 3,500 books), wirelessly downloads books in under 60-seconds, and a nifty $489 asking price. 

And yet, and yet, we’re still reluctant about it. Really?  $500?  Maybe I could justify that if it were a touch-screen tablet; a mini-computer that did more than just read electronic books (like say, if Apple were to ever come out with a sexy tablet — something halfway between a netbook and the iPhone that also read ebooks, what would be the point of the Kindle?). 

Does anyone use a Kindle or have used one and can give us lowdown on its appeal? [Amazon]

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