And we’re back, we think

So someone hijacked the site at some point over the last week.  You’ll notice, despite our best efforts to delete, that there was a distinct rise in comment spam feverishly proclaiming their love for Chirs Brown.  Seriously.  Something like 30 0r 40 comments were posted a day on Chris Brown and Rihanna and that was just what was getting through.

And so, combined with an increase in readership and me not paying attention to back end related issue, our webhost shut us down.  And didn’t really help us get back up and running until I told them I would fix the issue late last night.

Hopefully, I’ve deleted all the malicious code, but you never know.  There are some truly awful wanktastic fucktards out there looking to ruin just about anything.  So, I’ll be monitoring the amount of love Chris Brown gets over the next several days and see whats what.

So what did I miss over the last day and a half?  Seems like an eternity.

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