California Gang-Rape is Shameful

At a high-school dance last Saturday, as many as 20 people watched or took part as a 15-year-old California girl was gang raped and beaten outside a high school homecoming dance. 

No one did a thing to help her.  The victim was found under a bench, semi-conscious, after nearly two-hours of abuse and torture from classmates.

“This just gets worse and worse the more you dig into it,” Lt. Mark Gagan of the Richmond Police Department told CNN. “It was like a horror movie. I can’t believe not one person felt compelled to help her.”

As many as 10 people were involved in the assault in a dimly lighted back alley at the school, while another 10 people watched without calling 911 to report it, police said.

The worst part of all of this is the response from West Contra Costa Unified School District spokesman Marin Trujillo after the brutal gang rape outside of her high school’s homecoming dance: “The dance was successful event and safe for the students that were there.  This dance itself was a successful event.” 

Holy Christ almighty in heaven?!? Um, no, no it wasn’t.  When something like this happens on school grounds and the students not only do nothing, but also particpate and none of the authorities know it’s happening, then no, there was nothing successful or safe about the school dance. 

But I guess the students’s indifference seems like learned behavior from the administrators of this school, or something.  How else to explain, “Richmond High School has a 69 percent truancy rate and is in a school district that had 19 student murders last year. Fights at Richmond have been posted on YouTube, and a van was set on fire on the football field’s new artificial turf. An investigation by CBS station KPIX-TV last year found only a handful of the 16 security cameras in the school were working.”

Sad, just sad.

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  • Jaime October 29, 2009, 8:32 pm

    I can't help but agree. Maybe it's my Midwestern upbringing, but I'd hardly think it's appropriate for them to claim the dance was successful when someone was gang-raped for hours on the school grounds.

    But maybe to them it is a victory, shameful as that sounds. Maybe they were expecting things to go bad inside the dance itself. By no means does that make their comment any less stupid, though.

    • jamesfurbush October 29, 2009, 9:18 pm

      Huh, that's actually a strange but good way to look at her comments. Like on a scale of how badly things could have gone, the horrific gang-rape was only a 7 in her eyes or something. Either way, it's evident the school district needs some help.