Chair sells for a lot of money

chair_independent_285167tHow much?  Try $28 milli (actually it was 22 million Irish pounds but semantics).  That’s $28 million, not $2.8 million.

Thankfully, it’s better than an exploding office chair, but still that chair better shit gold nuggets or rainbows or unicorns or come with a miniature Neil Patrick Harris.  Because, otherwise, whomever dropped that kind of money just got ripped off.

But there was no doubting the real star item on offer.

Known as the Fauteuil aux Dragons or “dragons’ armchair” because of the ornate sculptures on its sweeping armrests, the one-off rounded brown leather piece was designed by Ms Gray when she was in her early 30s and after she had moved from Enniscorthy to London to study art.

She became renowned for the luxurious finish of her lacquered furniture, but it was not until after her death in 1976 that she was truly recognised as one of the most important furniture designers and architects of the early 20th century.

The buyer was the same dealer who had sold it to Mr Saint Laurent in the early ’70s. Cheska Vallois raised his bid in increments of €500,000 to see off a phone rival with a bid of €21.9m, and was applauded by the 1,000 people present.

The highest amount ever paid for a piece of furniture was €27.5m — paid for an 18th century Badmington cabinet in 2004.

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