Chris Hitchens and the Syrian Nazis

Vanity Fair contributing editor Christopher Hitchens, Hitch to those who love him, is best known for waterboarding himself for a piece on torture (to people outside the intelligentsia/atheism crowd). 

But he’s starting to take his place amongst the pseudo-badboy authors of yesteryear.  He defaced a poster belonging to the Syrian Nazis and all hell broke loose:

But later that night, three of our “scoop” brigade–Jonathan Foreman, Michael Totten and Christopher Hitchens–got involved in a street brawl with some thugs of a Syria-loving skinhead party called the SNPN after Hitchens rather gallantly insulted their swastika flag. On our way to a meeting with Minister of State Nissib Lahoud, Hitchens showed me the gashed knuckles and bruises suffered during the punch up. The attackers had apparently come out of nowhere on posh Hamda Street, where they had gone to buy shoes. “I was on the ground,” Hitchens said, “and getting it in the head.” It was a miracle they didn’t pull Kalashnikovs.

To which the Abu Muqawama blog later noted, “it’s widely known that since the May 2008 events the SSNP guys have behaved like thugs in Hamra (where the ass-kicking took place). But seriously, would you roll into East L.A. and start writing over gang signs? I mean, is that smart?”

No, no it’s not.  But it makes for a growing legendariness.

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