Digital Warriors

From Boing Boing:

The above piece about the “infantry immersion trainer” looks at the integration of virtual simulations into military training, as well as for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder after tours of duty. The weird part for me – well, the two weird parts – were that this training was also developed, in part, to “desensitize” soldiers to certain aspects of war. They say it is to lessen the effects and reduce post-traumatic stress. But all of the psychologists I’ve spoken with since then say it doesn’t work like that – that the stress simulations just compound the total stress. And, second, that I had nightmares for a good week after all this – less from the shooting of civilians part than the little driving simulation, which reminded me of a fatal car crash back in 1985.

The above clip is part of a new series from PBS Frontline called Digital Nation, which looks at the changing meaning of “human” as the world becomes more digital.

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