Doonsbury censored by WaPo


From the Times Online UK:

The move came after editors at the national US newspaper abruptly dropped a storyline by Gary Trudeau, the veteran cartoonist, that focused on the character Rick Redfern, a reporter being forced out after 33 years with his paper.

Trudeau’s left-of-centre and often politically satirical comic strip, Doonesbury, an institution that has been running since 1970, follows a single story line for five days each week. Last week’s was a rerun of a series published in 2008 about job redundancies at The Washington Post. It is a subject editors would rather not talk about in the current climate.

On Wednesday the storyline, above, was suddenly dropped and replaced with another. On Friday, aware that it risked looking thin-skinned, the newspaper ran the final three segments and issued an apology. It blamed the initial decision on “an internal miscommunication of a sort Rick Redfern would no doubt appreciate”. The Doonesbury incident comes amid dire times for the US newspaper industry, with scores of regional papers closing and some of the biggest titles threatened.

I suppose the Washington Post would be a bit prickly over a cartoon like that, but it’s no secret that newspapers are hemorraging badly.

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