Duggars expecting again

Yay!  Let’s all pretend that we’re happy for the irresponsible Duggar family!  Every year, when they have another kid, we parade Jim-Bob, Michelle and their cult of procreation out on telelvision, pat them on the head with artificial praise and provide enough reason to dare them into having one more.  And they always oblige because obviously this is now a fun little game for them, regardless of their other kids or the physical/mental health of baby factory (sorry but if you spend your life being pregnant from 17-42 how else can we view her?), Michelle Duggar. 

It has to stop.  If you’re counting at home that’s 19 kids in 25-years of marriage. The thing is I just feel sad for her that she’s never known another life. And yes, maybe all she wanted to do was be a mother and raise a family, but certainly you can do that and have another life?

No one in their right mind actually looks at them and thinks enviously, you know I wouldn’t mind having 19 kids one day of my own.  The good news is that you can name the child!  So yay for us and them.  I guess.

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