Females are a smart investment

How do bring developing nations further along?  A new report indicates investing in women may be the answer to ending poverty. 

Mr Wishart says recent research by the World Bank shows economic growth is boosted by the number of girls who complete their secondary education and go on to earn higher wages.

“The stats show that the extra year of study of school results in 10 to 20 per cent higher income,” he said.

“If you start multiplying that through five or six years of high school, it has a dramatic effect.

“And the other thing that happens is a young women who gets a fair job with a decent wage will invest 90 per cent of that in her family and children, compared to just 30 or 40 per cent for men, I’m afraid.

“What that results in is her children will almost certainly be well educated and live outside of poverty.”

But Mr Wishart says it is hard for girls and women in developing countries to get an education and then employment.

I remember reading something vaguely similar to this report, but I can’t recall specifics.  The gist, however, was that if you want your country to go from devloping status to first-world powerhouse, the best way to go about that is to empower women with equal pay, reproductive health rights, education, etc.

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