Final Destination Reality

Stranger than Air France Flight 447 abruptly disappearing for no reason, or that two highly-wanted terrorists were aboard the plane is the story of a would-be-passenger from Italy. 

Johanna Ganthaler was enjoying a relaxing vacation in Brazil with her husband and preparing to fly back to her native Italy.  Except they missed their flight and had to catch one the next day. 

Turns out that was a good thing, as Air France Flight 447 went missing shortly after leaving Rio de Janiero, and all 228 passengers aboard that flight died. 

Once the initial frustration subsided, the couple probably breathed a giant sigh of relief for not being on that plane.  What great luck and fortune we have!

But when Death wants you, Death will take you. 

Back home safe and sound, Death regrouped and caught up with Ms. Ganthaler yesterday.  She was killed in a car accident when the car she was riding in veered across a road in Kufstein, Austria, and swerved into an oncoming truck. Her husband was seriously injured, she died immedietly.

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