Ford Motor Co. Adds Wi-Fi to their Cars

“The carmaker announced Monday the next generation of its Sync system designed to let Ford owners plug a USB modem directly into a car’s built-in Wi-Fi, creating broadband Internet access to all passengers. Those in the car can jump online through any Wi-Fi-enabled device, from smartphone to laptop.  Ford said that this factory-installed capability will be available next year on certain Sync-equipped cars and that no extra hardware or subscriptions will be needed outside of an existing broadband modem, which the customer supplies. Ford’s Wi-Fi system will include WPA2 security, ensuring that only people in the car will be able to hop onto the network.” 

Despite having severe reservations over the technology’s practicality and necessity, it’s somewhat exciting to see an American car company push the envelope of our autombile expectations.  Something tells me this wouldn’t be happening if the industry hadn’t finally bottomed out a year ago.

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