Four views on Obama’s choice for Drug Czar

President Obama wants Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske to be the country’s next drug czar. 

From the comments by four Seattle Stranger writers they will be more than happy to see him go to Washington, D.C. 

Although he isn’t going to legalize pot, drug czar Kerlikowske could push to lift the federal ban on funding needle exchanges, stop the medical-pot raids in California, overhaul spending on antidrug commercials, and enthusiastically seek funding for drug-treatment programs.

The larger brilliance of Obama’s pick for drug czar isn’t just that Kerlikowske is open to new strategies, but that he is first and foremost a cop. Nobody can claim that Kerlikowske is a public-health nut who doesn’t know the impact of drugs on the streets. Like many Americans, he agrees that drugs should be illegal. But he understands that both enforcement and public health have their place, and he’s willing to take a look at new approaches when enforcement alone has failed.

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