Gawker to Publish Anderson’s Putin story in Russian

On Friday we noted that GQ decided to bury a story about Vladimir Putin’s rise to power by not publishing his article in Russian and by not promoting the magazine article. 

In a classic double-middle-finger salute, Gawker Media has decided to publish the piece with a Russian translation for the world to read.  Or at least Russia. 

Simon Owens, of Bloggasm, sat down with Nick Denton, ruler of the Gawker Media Empire, to find out why

Why did he think Conde Nast was going to such great lengths to bury the story?

“I assume concern for the commercial prospects of their Russian titles,” he said. “And remember that the punishment of disobedient journalists can go beyond the impromptu tax audit. Paul Klebnikov of Forbes was killed.”

Gawker has never been one to back down when republishing controversial documents. When the Church of Scientology tried to get the media company to take down leaked video of Tom Cruise’s evangelizing several months ago, the media company refused.

“I’ve always thought that a site like Gawker — though we try to seek out corruption and hypocrisy in New York — would serve a clearer public purpose in Moscow, Beijing or Riyadh,” Denton said.

If you want to read the piece in English, you still have to buy the magazine.

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