Google Zeitgeist for Portland

To see what the world (and United States) spent the most time searching for in any given year is a chance to peer into the rabbit hole, laying our interests bare for all to see.  More interesting than the general search results (is it any surprise Michael Jackson came out on top?) is the city by city breakdown. 

Was it a depressing year to live in Portland, Ore.?  By all accounts yes, as the top 10 searches in 2009 were: 1. trimet trip planner 2. oregon unemployment claim 3. 95.5 the game 4. multnomah county jail 5. onpoint credit union 6. mypcc 7. 8. 9. 10. Blazers edge. 

So, one jail, two unemployment sites, three education sites (for people going back to school?), two sports related sites to keep our minds off of  the misery, one bank (presumably to deposit money we don’t have), and the subway schedule (to go to the jobs that don’t exist).  Even Detroit’s search year was not so depressing.

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