Hairless Bear in Germany


Good god, if there is anything more frightening than a bear, it’s the hairless variety.  Leipzig Zoo vets have been unable to determine what caused Dolores and all other female Spectacled Bears in captivity to suddenly go bald. “Some experts believe it could be due to a genetic defect though the animals do not seem to be suffering from any other affliction.  The bears, which originate from South America,  normally have fluffy dark brown fur and would now be growing a thicker fur coat to keep warm during the winter.”

Update: Yup, just as creepy when they are seen in motion.

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  • Amanda February 4, 2011, 2:28 pm

    To me it looks like the demodectic mange (red mange) that dogs get. it can be inherited from the babies drinking from the mom if she has it. or it can also be stress induced. Ive dealt with it alot in canine rescue.