It’s always Florida with these stories

Police ticket a man’s car seven times.  And then they realized there was a dead body inside the entire time.  Whoops

At 4 p.m. Monday, a resident of College Park called police about a car that had been parked in the 1900 block of NW 2nd Avenue for several days and had been ticketed seven times by city employees.

Police detective Bennie Smith said Waldo was seated face-forward on the passenger side of the back seat, was fully clothed and had the car’s ignition key in his possession when he was found. A loaded pistol was found inside the trunk of the car.

“We don’t expect the cause of death to be foul play,” Smith told The Sun on Wednesday afternoon.

City records show a ticket officer issued seven tickets to Waldo’s BMW, with the first ticket being issued Feb. 12, the day after Waldo was last seen alive.

According to Kameg, Smith said the reason the ticket officers apparently did not notice someone slumped over in the BMW may have been because the window tint on the car was illegally dark.

Well, okay, that explains everything.  Tinted windows!

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