Kiss the Missing Link Goodbye

2009100111It doesn’t matter how much evidence piles up on the side of evolution or science as there will always be a loud and vocal minority of fundies that use evolutionary evidence to strengthen their own convictions.    It’s odd because they act as if they are being marginalized by society and yet they are probably given a larger soapbox than they deserve.

Hence, there’s something deliciously satisfying about the discovery of a skeleton older than Lucy and far more significant, as it seems to link humans and chimps in a manner no skeleton before has done.  I know it won’t change anything is the science vs. religion debate, but still. 

“A multinational team discovered the first parts of the Ar. ramidus skeleton in 1994 in Aramis, Ethiopia. At 4.4 million years old, Ardi is not the oldest fossil proposed as an early hominin, or member of the human family, but it is by far the most complete–including most of the skull and jaw bones, as well as the extremely rare pelvis, hands, and feet. These parts reveal that Ardi had an intermediate form of upright walking, a hallmark of hominins, according to the authors of 11 papers that describe Ardi and at least 35 other individuals of her species. But Ardi still must have spent a lot of time in the trees, the team reports, because she had an opposable big toe. That means she was probably grasping branches and climbing carefully to reach food, to sleep in nests, and to escape predators.” 

And even if this isn’t the cold-stone missing link, the holy grail of evolution, it’s another chink in the armor.

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